photo(2)Hi. I’m Sam. I’m a 30-something corporate American lackey who is trying to balance a full-time job with child-rearing and maintaining a home. It’s brutal sometimes, I’m not going to lie, but I’m getting by, I think I’m doing a great fucking job. I’m married to RealDad, a super-buff and handsome red-headed fella, and we have two super-cute and reasonable children, RealGirl (3.5) and RealBoy (1). We were all born and bred in–you guessed it–New Jersey. Don’t worry, we aren’t [too] obnoxious.

So why am I blogging? Because I wanted an outlet through which I could share my findings, successes, failures, questions, musings and rants with other parents. When I was expecting RealGirl, I wanted to read other moms’ real-life experiences so I had a better idea of what I was in for. But I couldn’t find any that weren’t super scary, total nonsense, or so happy they couldn’t possibly be true. I wanted honest info on kids and parenthood, even if it wasn’t PC or expert approved. Especially if it wasn’t PC or expert approved. I wanted to hear the good AND the bad, not just one or the other, and I wanted the details. I thought others might be looking for the same thing, so here I am, sharing my experiences, opinions, finds, and observations in my own blunt and TMI way. I am not giving holier-than-thou advice or passing judgement on others. I’m just putting myself out there for your edification and amusement. Take it or leave it, but either way leave a comment or shoot me a message so we can have a conversation at least.

So, I will tell you what my life is like with my family and how I deal with it all. I will only post recipes that I’ve actually made (complete with unsexy pictures; I’m not a damn photographer here), reviews of products I’ve actually tried or books I’ve really read, and projects that a normal human being would attempt. I should emphasize here that I’m not an expert in child development or care. I don’t obsess about milestones or allergies or how my kids compare with other kids, but I do obsess about raising well-adjusted children that don’t eat crap, trying to keep up with the demands of my household and life, and being as green as possible. I seem to have it all under control, but I’m actually winging this whole parenting thing. I’m just a regular old down-to-earth mom who’s pretending to have a grip but is really flying by the seat of her pants every day. I am just writing it all down as I go to help other moms who are flying by theirs. So, let’s fly!

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